Team 07-0002


Agricultural Robotics

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People have farmed to get food since man first decided to stop hunting and gathering . In recent time man has made ways to make farming easier. We employ huge machines that use big quantities of gas and we spray pesticides and fertilizer over everything, even if the plant doesn't’t need it.

The down side to having big machines farming is that it is polluting the earth. We need to stop the polluting of the earth because we are destroying the earth trying to feed ourselves. This does not make sense, if we destroy the Earth while trying to feed ourselves we will no longer have a planet to call home. We also need to take into consideration the price of farming. Farmers have to spend money on big machines, water, people to work, fertilizer and pesticides. The cost of farming is large and some people are starving because they cannot afford to eat. If we can make farming cheaper more people will be able to eat.

One of the ways people have made farming easier is by making robots to do some of the work. This means that farmers can do more work faster, cheaper and easier. Also robots can be made to make farming less polluting. This website will give you information on the current use of robots in farming and our ideas for a totally mechanized farming operation.